Since 1895…

If you are driving through Timonium, Md. and in the mood for coffee or tea don’t settle for Starbucks; treat yourself to an experience at Baltimore Coffee and Tea. It snugly sits behind a plaza, and down the street Pimlico racetrack is another distraction. Instead, sip delicious, smooth coffee and tea or indulge in pastries, salads, sandwiches or soup.

Baltimore Coffee and Tea has brewed and supplied assorted caffeinated drinks since 1895.  Local, national and international: restaurants, cafes, gourmet stores and coffee houses use their products. You may have tried one of their items before and not even aware.

Balt 2.
A counter full of fresh coffee beans

They have expanded their brand across Maryland. They have stores in Annapolis, Fredrick, and Odenton. Another is soon opening in Hanover.

From outside, it appears to be a brick warehouse until you see their sign. It draws you in; a black oval with two stars and their name wraps around the mural of a large ship. A red background depicts dawn accompanied by a thin green band. When you enter, you are warmed up, before your first sip of coffee, by the ever-green surroundings and maroon accented trim and furniture.

To your right are tables surrounded by shelves stocked with assorted teas. A row of nit sacks filled with fresh coffee beans sit on the counter to your left. Racks of trinkets, mugs, ornaments and delicacies are scattered around the store. The cashier is dead ahead; their menu is illuminated above by five monitors.

Take your time and soak it all in. Savor the aroma of strong, decadent coffee; from dark, blonde, organic to decaf roasts. Your craving can and will be catered to. Glance at their roasting room off to the right.

Once you have your drink and/or food relax. Zone out to the music on their speakers, read a book. You will leave craving more and promising yourself to return.


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