Hidden Gems In Hampden

Among the quirky shops and boutiques between W. 34th Street and Chestnut Ave in Hampden are two quaint coffee shops that beautifully contrast each-other; Spro and Common Ground.

Spro has a bright atmosphere reflected in their blue and white stripped awning and modestly decorated white walls. Walk past the tables and counter toward another room filled with benches and coffee memorabilia. In the back is a small red deck with a view of the neighborhood. Head down the stairs to the backyard with a large picnic table and chairs surrounded by a red fence.

View from Spro’s deck

The barista was polite and delightful. She had a wealth of knowledge of the area, and recommended a local book store after handing over a savory croissant and nectar flavored latte. Spro also sells house blends of coffee ground or unground and preferred blending machines.

Spro’s backyard

Down the street, Common Ground has a neon sign in their window. The lighting is a bit dark. Their wood paneled and lime green walls are cluttered with art. Their counter is in the back of the café; plus a patio and porch with a view of the neighborhood.

Their menu is decorated in neon chalk. Common Ground’s menu expands beyond coffee and pastries. It includes smoothies, tea, bagels, sandwiches and soups. Their menu is also gluten and vegan friendly. I will devote some time to become familiar with both Spro’s and Common Ground’s menus.


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