Local Haunt: Swallow at the Hollow

Swallow at the Hollow sits on the corner of E. Northern Parkway and York Road. You’ll spot their stripped awning with a bold white type face from the street. It is hallowed ground and a favorite local bar. It is surrounded by other attractions.

When you enter there is a Rasta colored bird with a bow-tie and parlor hat painted on their door. It is dimly lit, the bar is to your right, tables and booths are to your left. There is a juke-box in the back. Neon signs and TV’s are mounted all over the walls.

Swallow at the Hollow logo.

They are open seven days a week and have specials Monday through Friday. Swallow at the Hollow has been featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives.

All of their food is made in-house and by scratch. Guy Fieri tried their infamous “Ghost Wings”.  They are a perfect balance between heat and sweetness. They pair well with Bud-Light.

Welcome to Belvedere Sqr.  photgrpahed by Alex Ziolkowski

Down the street is Belvedere Square; an old factory converted into a food market and restaurant plaza. Across the street is the historic, noir, art-deco, 1930’s Senator Theater; the sidewalk in front of it is decorated with with the titles of movies that premiered there. You can enjoy sweet and savory crepes at Sofi’s.

The Senator Theater in its neon glory. photographed by Alex Ziolkowski

There is so much to explore. You could spend an entire day getting familiar with this corner of Baltimore.


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