Pratt Street Ale House: Baltimore’s Brewery

Pratt Street Ale House stands out in downtown Baltimore. It is a three-story brick building with navy blue trimmed: windows, shudders and roof. One of their walls has a red Parrot tacked on it. Pratt Street Ale House is practically screaming for our attention.

Their gaudy aesthetics are as original as their selection of beer, and as distinct as their location in downtown Baltimore. It is literally across the street from the Inner Harbor Convention Center. You can spot the Baltimore Aquarium to your left and hear the roar emanating from Camden Yards to the right.

Their basement is the birthplace of the Oliver Brewing Company. They specialize in brewing beer in the English tradition. Even their original brewing equipment came from the United Kingdom.

Most of the beer offered at Pratt Street Ale House is brewed by the Oliver Brewing Co. Some of their cherished beers are available year-round, but most of their selection rotates with the seasons. Their menu also features guest drafts from their noteworthy, national, craft beer colleagues.

Whether you are a craft beer enthusiast looking for something new, or new to the scene you can find several brews to tease your taste buds.


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